About Us

Story Fresh is a third generation, family owned, vegetable farming and processing operation located in South-East Queensland. We have been farming in the region since 1965 and processing since 1990, making us one of the original grower-processors in Australia. Today we utilize our extensive experience to specialise in the year round supply of processed vegetable products to food service customers across Eastern Australia. We have developed a reputation as a high-quality and reliable supply chain partner. As a recognised supplier of quality shredded lettuce for over 20 years, we have recently built upon our knowledge in vegetable processing to expand our product range and offer more products of the same high quality.

Our focus at Story Fresh is delivering the safest, freshest, highest quality fresh-cut produce to the customer. Food safety is our top priority and we work hard every day to make sure our product is safe and back it up with comprehensive, world class monitoring and control systems. We also work hard to care for our environment, it is our home and our life blood. Here at Story Fresh we focus on using our resources efficiently and strive to improve our practices. We minimize our water use, electrical use, rotate our crops and even feed anything left over from our processing line to grateful cows to make sure our growing practices are sustainable.