Growing Regions

Story Fresh has been growing fresh produce since 1965 and now operates farms in 3 separate locations in South East Queensland, growing the best possible crops year round to supply our customers. Our knowledge, experience and resources are used to grow fresh produce specifically for our processing customers giving the highest quality, most reliable ready-to-eat products. Here in SEQ, we have the rare advantage of being able to find wonderful growing conditions for leafy vegetables all year round within a small geographical area. All of our farms are within 1 hour drive of the main processing facility meaning the product is delivered from our farms quicker and fresher.

During the summer months we grow on the Darling Downs, set on top of the Great Dividing Range. The farming land is high up on the mountain plains some 462 metres above sea level, giving a cooler climate ideal for delicate crops such as iceberg lettuce and baby spinach.

In winter, we shift our production to the Lockyer Valley where the warmer climate and dark alluvial soils provide magnificent growing conditions. Known as ‘Australia’s Salad Bowl’ the Lockyer Valley is said to be among the top ten most fertile farming areas in the world.

Clifton, Darling Downs

The newest of our properties, Clifton adds tremendous soil and water resources to our farming as well as geographical diversity to reduce risk from summer storms

Cambooya, Darling Downs

Cambooya is our longest established property and home to our processing facilities. With a mild climate, fertile soils and deep water supply Cambooya provides an ideal base for our farming and processing

Grantham, Lockyer Valley

During winter production shifts to the Lockyer valley, renowned for its magnificent farmlands. The Lockyer Valley is in the top ten most fertile farm areas in the world and grows our delicate products during the cool winter months