Food Safety

At Story Fresh, we have implemented a comprehensive quality and food safety system which covers all aspects of our business. This allows us to ensure that our products are produced in a safe, reliable manner which meets our customers’ expectations. We also conduct onsite micro-biological testing and have full traceability for our products, right back to the field they came from.

Our quality and food safety system are based on standards developed by the World Health Organization and is subject to extensive, rigorous annual auditing from independent experts on behalf of our customers. We have an excellent record of performance in our audits over many years. On at least two occasions, Story Fresh has achieved a 100% score against these rigid, internationally based audit standards. This highlights the effort and strong level of commitment that exists within our business and staff to deliver safe product of the highest quality.

In 2009 Story Fresh underwent an industry benchmarking exercise with QMI Solutions. QMI evaluated our operations in terms of the quality of our business practices and the quality of our performance outcomes. Our score in practice and performance was then compared against a cross section of international companies. In a demanding evaluation across the many sectors of the business, Story Fresh achieved a ‘World Class’ ranking for both practice and performance.

We are very proud of this outcome and it reinforces the commitment that we have to ensure we produce the highest quality, safest product for our customers all year round. However, as with all businesses, the exercise also identified areas of improvement. We will continue to strive for further improvement in these areas.