Our Capabilities

As all farmers would tell you, one of the biggest challenges we face is mother nature. The weather week to week, month to month, year to year presents new challenges. Small leafy crops such as lettuce and baby spinach are delicate, and particularly sensitive to all the weather variations they encounter during their short time in the field. Since the weather has such a dramatic impact on the raw product that is grown for our processing, we take control of each stage of the plants life - from seedling through to delivery of the processed produce. This ensures that the decisions and responses to factors outside of our control, such as weather, are made with the processed product in mind. So you get the best possible quality every time. This vertical integration and control over all the inputs to the end product has seen us develop many integrated sections to our operations, including:

NurserySeedling Production Tailored For Our Conditions
FarmPurpose Grown Produce Across Multiple Locations
ProcessingTechnically Advanced On-Farm Processing
Process ControlStreamlined Systems To Deliver The Quickest Path From Field To Plate
TransportTime Critical Delivery Of Raw And Finished Product
MaintenanceHeavy Maintenance, Modifications And Repairs In-House
EngineeringInnovative In-House Solutions To The Most Difficult Challenges
Food SafetyExtensive Quality System To Ensure Safe Product Of Consistent Quality