Growing Overview


To produce the best fresh-cut produce, we start by growing our own seedlings for iceberg and cos lettuce year round in our purpose built nursery. Different varieties are selected to best suit seasonal conditions and the field they will grow in, as well as the best combination of taste, shelf life and appearance. Our nursery facilities control the environment carefully during the first few weeks of the seedlings’ growth to protect and provide for the young plants. We’ve implemented advanced watering and climate control systems linked to automated monitoring of the current weather conditions. Soil nutrition and pests are managed carefully to ensure seedlings are strong and healthy, all combining to give our plants a head start in life.

The Field

Our dedicated field team then take control of the young plants and provide for their growth. Soil nutrition, water management, plant physiology, varietal matching and pest management are just a few of the critical aspects we monitor and control. It is in the field that the many decades of experience amongst our management and staff help to make the best growing decisions for each crop.

Iceberg Lettuce

Baby Spinach